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when it comes to recruiting,

we value talent.

More importantly, we understand what makes someone talented. With eager recruiters and an experienced staff who understand the nuances of technology, we only send people that will make a difference to your bottom line.

a network of talent and expertise.

Some call us picky, but when it comes to finding talent, our standards are high. We look for proven tenure, great communication, relevant skills, and extraordinary ability. What does that mean for you? A long term solution, not a quick fix.

who you'll be working with.

It's always nice to see a few friendly faces and know who you're talking to. In our case, the marketing team felt we were better looking as avatars. We happen to agree.

  • Kramer Keller

    Chief Geek

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  • Matthew Smith

    The Geekfather

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  • Jonathan Carlson

    Nerd Herder

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  • Sean Hooper

    Nerd Herder

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